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Drink Me!

I'm currently running a cleanse for a group of clients, which involves starting each day with a nutrient-packed green smoothie. Yes, green smoothies are "trendy", but don't be skeptical (if you're not already on the Smoothie Bandwagon). Green smoothies are a great way of getting a significant portion of your daily fruits and veggies in one delicious package. Smoothies are also an easy way to get your kids enjoying spinach, kale and other nutritious foods that they might otherwise turn their nose up at. So, for those of you who haven't tried one yet and for those who are already happily addicted, here is one of my favourite "recipes". It's sweet and creamy and kid-approved. Feel free to tweak it to your taste.

Dreamy Creamy Green Smoothie Recipe

1c water

1c coconut water (or just another cup of plain ol' water)

1/2 an avocado

1 banana

1 1/2 c frozen (or fresh) mango

2c fresh greens (I like baby spinach and kale; use one or both)

1 tbsp flaxseed oil

1 tbsp chia seeds

Put all ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth.

Makes two servings (or one really big one!).


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