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Do the Things that Make You Feel Good

Hey, how’s everybody doing? It’s a crazy time. And now the holidays are coming. Are you taking good care of yourselves? Are you doing the things that you know make you feel good? My kids and I have had colds over the past week, so I had zero exercise for several days and could have sooooo easily skipped my run this morning. It would have felt great to have a second cup of coffee and linger over the news in front of my cozy wood stove. BUT it would have only felt great for a few minutes. It wouldn’t have felt great later in the day when I felt sluggish and disappointed in myself for not getting out like I'd planned. Or when I didn’t sleep as well as I do when I exercise. So, I layered up and hit the trail despite feeling tired and cold. And guess how I felt afterwards? 100 times better than if I didn’t go!

It’s so tempting when we’re busy/tired/overwhelmed/stressed (chose your own adjective) to skip the things that REALLY makes us feel good in favour of the things that only make us feel good in the moment. Come on! If I can do it, you can do it! If you know me, you know my natural state veers easily into tea-and-a-good-book-on-the-couch territory. But I’ve learned over the years what makes me feel good, mentally and physically, and I work hard to prioritize doing those things.

What’s one thing you could do today that you know makes you feel good? I’d love to hear!

PS. If you know me, you also probably realize that I don’t love posting make-up free, sweaty pics of my face but I’ve had such lovely feedback from some of you about feeling inspired and motivated when I share what I’m doing, that I’ll take one for the team and swallow my pride.

Now put your phone down and go do something that will make you feel awesome (or at least 10% better than you do right now).

PPS. I posted this on Instagram this morning after my run and a friend commented that she was about to enjoy her second cup of coffee when she read it. Instead, she tied on her running shoes and hit the trail. By that time, I was out again, having a walk I'd planned with a couple of friends (human and canine) and ran into my friend jogging her heart out. And guess what? She told me later that that run made her day. It's so easy to skip the things that, although sometimes hard, make us feel SO MUCH BETTER.

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