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"It was easier than I thought to develop healthy eating habits with Shannon's nutritional recommendations. Making gradual changes that were realistic and practical allowed me to lose weight and I feel so much better. I have lots more energy and my 'acid tummy' almost totally disappeared."

"I'm very thankful for your dietary advice which has provided total relief from my chronic bowel and stomach distress."

"It's amazing how a few simple life changes can make such a positive impact on our quality of life. Chronic feelings of mild illness or discomfort can make life miserable. Now I haven't had a bout of depression in a long time. Feeling ill and lethargic all the time used to get me down, but now that I feel well and have some energy, my mental state has improved also!"

"I had been suffering the effects of severe arthritis in my feet for a few years and had found it quite difficult to walk recently. I was not happy to be taking anti-inflammatory drugs. Shannon gave me a few simple recommendations to follow concerning my diet. I was surprised to notice that after a few weeks my feet improved considerably and I was more mobile. I also noticed that my elbows and knees felt better as well. I am very grateful to Shannon for her recommendations."

"I am convinced that the dietary changes and food supplements that you recommended are the reason I feel generally in better health, much less extreme fatigue and more mental alertness. I was beginning to worry about my many memory glitches, but haven't had a 'senior moment' in ages!"

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