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Here's to a Happy, Healthy, New Way of Approaching Our Health Goals in 2018!

Happy New Year, friends!

As we pack away our holiday decorations and finish off the last of our festive treats, here's an idea for moving into 2018: this January, instead of making punishing resolutions, how about we start the new year by being gentle with ourselves? Let's not compare our bodies to anyone else’s, but be grateful for what they can do for us every day. And if there are things we could do to feel even better, let's go for it, but let’s do it in a spirit of fun and joy rather than from a place of shame or guilt. Drink a little more water, eat a few more veggies and a little less sugar, go out for a walk and go to bed a little earlier. Even a few small changes can start to make you feel better...and the better you feel the easier it will be to make choices that continue to build good health.

If this sounds good to you and you feel like you could use a little guidance, I’m offering a 10-week Healthy Eating for Life group session on Tuesday mornings at 10AM starting on January 16th. Here are all the details:

Healthy Eating for Life

This New Year, instead of making a list of hard-to-keep resolutions, why not join me for 10 weeks of supportive, motivating coaching in a small group environment where you’ll learn how to make the best choices for a truly healthier new year? Over 10 weeks you will learn how to make changes to your diet and lifestyle that will result in long-lasting, sustainable weight loss while building a solid foundation of good health for the rest of your life.

The weekly one-hour meetings will include:

• An informative presentation on nutrition, with a different topic each week.

• Group support.

• Optional weekly weigh-in.

• Group discussions and question & answer time.

• Loads of support, motivation and positive, straight-forward advice.

• Binder of program materials.

• Food Diary reviewed by me each week, with personal feedback provided.

Here are some comments from some of my past “Healthy Eating for Lifers”:

"Shannon is a natural communicator. She loves to share her knowledge of nutrition and it shows -- her classes are fun but always informative, instructional but also motivating. Thanks to Shannon, my whole family is eating a more healthy diet. I highly recommend her classes."

"Shannon is great and is passionate about helping everyone live their best life. It's not a fad diet, she arms you with knowledge so you can eat healthy, feel better and weight loss is an added benefit.”

“I have been going to a plethora of nutrition classes and weight loss programs for over 30 years and this is by far the best….It isn't about weight loss. It is about making correct choices for you and your family. The weight loss is just bonus.”

Come join us in the New Year and get control of your health and weight once and for all. Spaces are limited, so please let me know as soon as possible if you want to reserve a spot.

The next sessions will begin on January 16th at my office in Lunenburg and costs $175 for the full 10 weeks.

Two dates to chose from:

Tuesday 10AM - 11AM


Wednesday 7PM - 8PM

I hope that 2018 is a year of health and happiness for all of you! xo


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