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Free Talk: Healthy Eating for Busy People (and we're ALL busy people!)

Next week I am going to be at The Hub in lovely Mahone Bay giving a free talk (open to anyone!) about how to eat well even when you are SURE you are too busy to think about healthy eating. The thing is, healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming and the benefits are simply incredible. We really, truly ARE what we EAT and feeding ourselves well with healthy, natural foods will, in turn, fuel every other aspect of our lives. Come out and learn how to turn bad habits around and why it’s so important not to plow through your busy day skipping meals or fuelling up on sugar, caffeine or fast food.

This is also a great chance to come and take a peek at The Hub, if you’ve not been there before! It’s a beautiful co-working space full of clever, innovative folks. Have a look at their website for more details:

My talk is part of their “Sandwich Lunch” series of free, open-door events and is happening on Wednesday, December 2 from noon to 1 PM. See you there!

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